My Equipment

As a keyboard player, I have quite a bit of professional equipment, which is capable of tackling the most 'technical' musical theatre keyboard parts (e.g. Bat Boy or keyboard 2 of My And My Girl). аI also have a small music production studio which I use to create backing tracks and demos.

My current equipment list is as follows:

Gigging equipment

  • Kurzweil PC3X 88-key controller keyboard
  • Korg X5D 61-key synthesizer
  • Roland A90 88-key controller keyboard with built in synth sound board
  • Casio WK2600 76-key workstation
  • Roland KC100 Keyboard Mixer-Amplifier
  • Yamaha SY700 FM+PCM Synthesizer
  • Roland D10 LA Synthesizer
  • Roland XV5050 Sound Module
  • Emu ESI2000 Sampler
  • Torque Keyboard Mixer-Amplifier
  • Line6 Lowdown LD150 Bass Amplifier
  • Washburn Soundgear bass guitar
  • Stella 48 bass piano accordion
  • Apple MacBook running Mainstage and QLab software

I can play the bass guitar quite well, though not as well as I play keyboards, and can sight-read to a reasonable standard. My accordion playing is basic but solid.

Music Production

I have a portable recording studio, based around my MacBook, which enables me to create backing tracks, click-tracked backing vocals and computer-typeset sheet music. The rig currently consists of:

  • Apple MacBook 2.4GHz/4Gb/500Gb running:
    • Apple Logic Studio 8
    • Avid Sibelius 6
    • Neuratron PhotoScore Pro
    • Kirk Hunter Emerald Orchestra
    • Garritan Jazz and Big Band
    • Garritan Instant Orchestra
    • Apple sample library
  • Line6 UX2 stereo recording interface
  • 2 x Rode NT3 condenser microphones
  • 2 x Shure SM58 dynamic microphones
  • Studio Projects B3 multi-pattern condenser microphone
ай Ben Wiles 2009-2013